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Vrisa innovation

Vrisa innovation limited is the only first public limited company in India, engaged in manufacturing of residential prefab/modular homes, farmhouses, cottages, resorts etc. and achieving it's unified aim `Design to Deliver`

Having more than 12+ years experience in this construction field, we have more than 200+ structures to add to our credit.

Wooden House Manufacturer Vrisa Innovation Ltd has been awarded as The most Trusted and Innovative Company for Excellence in Pre-Fabricated & Wooden Construction in Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave 2023 by 'Niti Ayog' for its excel Wooden Cottage Manufacturer

Wooden House Manufacturer Pune Udyog Bhushan Puraskar , Mr Sandeep Mahajan - Vrisa Innovation Ltd. For Exploring New Horizons in Prefabricated and wooden Houses Construction Wooden Cottage Manufacturer

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We are one of the renowned Prefab & Wooden Home Manufacturers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you have the In-House team ?

Which type of material construction is expensive – Prefab or Wooden?

Wooden being the imported & premium material, it is expensive as compared to Prefab.

Is your wooden structure suitable for Indian Climatic condition?

- Yes it is best suitable for Indian Climate be it Tropical or coastal region.

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